While holidays and family reunions are supposed to be a fun and special time, they can, unfortunately, be a stressful experience sometimes. Perhaps now is the time to change things and try something different to make the best one yet for this holiday season. The holiday season can be a particularly difficult time for those who have lost a loved one, but that is precisely why it is more important than ever to support each other and be together. Here are some helpful tips to make it something you’ll definitely look forward to spending time with family and friends. 1. Pay attention to what really counts. Though food is an important part of the holidays, emphasis on family and friends, laughing and cheering. It’s acceptable to indulge or feel full once in a while if balance and moderation are your usual guides. 2. Wisely budget. At feasts and parties, don’t […]


Well-being is a positive outcome that is important to individuals and to many facets of society, as it tells us that people think their lives are going well. Good living conditions (e.g., housing, employment) are central to well-being. Monitoring these conditions is important for public policy. However, several measures that quantify living circumstances, such as the quality of their relationships, their positive feelings, and their positive emotions, fail to assess what people think and feel about their lives. In terms of physical health, people mostly think of wellness: diet, exercise, weight loss, etc., but there is so much more to it. Wellness is a holistic physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being integration that fuels the body stimulates the mind and nurtures the spirit. Although it still involves striving for wellbeing, it is all about truly living life and a customized approach to living life in a way that …” Allows you […]