Litechow focuses on offering resources for anything from health to well-being. It is a forum where you get educated and motivated when it comes to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For example, from diet choices to fitness, moral health, sexual wellbeing, mental and emotional well-being.

Our mission is to revitalize the way people make healthier choices, to make people realize that eating well and living right is within their control.

To optimize and maintain your general well-being, Litechow is here to provide you with valuable knowledge.


My name is Enitan Darabidan, and I am a qualified Economist and Business Strategist. I am a health and wellness advisor and I have gained expertise from 4 years of educational and personal research.

 I started the journey of becoming a certified health and wellness consultant to be completed soon. I want to share my understanding of how to make healthy lifestyle decisions and improve overall well-being.